What is Ingens?

Ingens is an easy to use website that gives you access to Alaska's public information in seconds.

How can you benefit?

Real Estate Professionals

  • Locate Properties, owners, and addresses of properties throughout the state.
  • Integrated Maps
  • Identify home owners and potential clients.

Contractors, Utility, and Service Providers

  • Search for older homes requiring your services
  • Utilize our integrated maps to locate job sites
  • Generate mailing addresses for project notification

Legal Professionals

Sales and Marketing

  • Generate name and address lists of potential clients.
  • Search by business license, occupational license, zip code, or use our integrated mapping to mouse over an area

Automotive Professionals

  • Verify legal owners and applications for credit
  • Generate lists of potential clients

Tourism Professional

  • Generate lists of prior visitors to Alaska who have purchased hunting and/or fishing licenses
  • Identify potential customer's name and home address

Business Owners & H.R. Professionals

  • Background checks for new hires
  • Verify addresses

How can we help?


1 (907) 677-2160