What is Ingens?

Ingens is an easy to use website that gives you access to Alaska's public information in seconds.

Who uses Ingens?

Virtually any business can take advantage of Ingens. The uses are limited only by your imagination. Here are some examples of how Ingens can be used:

Key Features

Marketing Services

Ingens utilizes our Alaskan public records and the best third-party sources to bring you highly targeted mailing lists. Contact sales@ingens.com for more information.

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  • Locate Properties, owners, and addresses of properties throughout the state
  • Integrated Maps
  • Identify home owners and potential clients
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  • Search for older homes requiring your services
  • Utilize our integrated maps to locate job sites
  • Generate mailing addresses for project notification
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  • Research court cases, bankruptcies, and DMV records
  • Identify multiple residents of single address
  • Finding people and addresses
  • Researching state registered assets
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  • Generate name and address lists of potential clients, and export to excel
  • Search by business license, occupational license, zip code, or use our integrated mapping to mouse over an area
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  • Verify legal owners and applications for credit
  • Generate lists of potential clients
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  • Generate lists of prior visitors to Alaska who have purchased hunting and/or fishing licenses
  • Identify potential customer's name and home address
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  • Background checks for new hires
  • Verify addresses
Why Ingens

Ingens uses the latest technology to help your business grow and save money.

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  • Data loaded and available within 2 days of receipt
  • Availability of 99.9999
  • No Monthly Usage Fee
  • Newest Technology
  • Redundant Servers
  • Continually enhancing system with no additional charge
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